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05 February , 2011, 06:21:28 AM
So, I stay in Kuils River at the moment. While it's not exactly a hive of activity there are a couple of guys in the area who longboard, although I hardly ever see them out and about.

There are a couple of decent spots in the area.

Zevenwacht consists of an upper and lower section. They can be linked or skated separately. The upper is about 600m long
and you can get up to about 60km/h on it. The lower section is also quite nice and I have recorded speeds of around
70km/h on it. Generally, however, the Lower is about the same speed as the Upper. As always, a tailwind makes all the
difference. Do not skate Zevenwacht during weekday work hours, as the road tends to be very busy, especially around
commute times.

Neuthlingshoff street is a slightly longer run that can hit about 60km/h on a really windy day, but which is usually locked in around 40km/h to 50km/h on the average day. The exception is Summer between 4 and 7, when there is a fairly reliable tail-wind.
There is a cobbled road section near the top that looks a little gnarly but is actually fairly safe. This road has some traffic,
but mostly it's quiet.

Peperboom street is a long, straight section that is generally quite dull but does get a nice tailwind at the same time of day as Neuthlingshoff. When there's a tailwind it's quite easy to hit about 40km/h.

Simonsvlei street provides two little routes. One is a short, slightly steep hill that tops out at 40km/h. The other is a route that take you to Kleinbosch crescent and provides some opportunities for sliding.

Upper Zevenwacht:
Lower Zevenwacht:
Neuthlingshoff Street:
Peperboom street:
Simonsvlei Street to Kleinbosch Crescent: