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06 February , 2011, 15:08:27 PM
Guys, this site or the creator/s of this site take absolutely no responsibility for what takes place in this board. Make sure you got all your facts straight before going into an agreement with someone. Even though we would all love to think we live in a Utopia where everyone is out to help each other, unfortunately this is not always the case!

Get phone numbers, check addresses, ask for references if you must!

Having all that out the way, hope you get what you're looking for!

PS, don't publish your email address live!! Rather send a PM. Spam harvesters are always on the lookout for freebie addresses so they can send you your UK winning lottery ticket, or ask you to secure your bank login details, send you specials on fake Rolex watches, keep you up to date with the current price of Viagra, etc etc.
the world is not as it appears.
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