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16 February , 2011, 13:33:09 PM
Item: Canon Ae-1 program; 70-105mm push pull zoom lens; powerwinder; basic external flash unit; sekonic light meter (seperate)
Age: I've had it 4yrs they started making them in 1981
Warranty: none
Packaging: no
Condition: Mint
Location: Durban
Reason: Dont ask I dont really want to sell it...
Shipping: Yes (buyers cost and risk as is the norm)
Collection: Yes
Price: R1500 is the going price right now however if I can get some skate stuff instead I'm willing to rather swop than sell, just waiting for payment from current buyer

I will post pictures asap as there are none online that do this baby justice she is by far the sexiest SLR I've ever seen.

I want to swop for

Race deck
some 2nd hand wheels
some bearings
some bushings

price etc is NEG.
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