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15 April , 2016, 13:01:29 PM
(aka - Steeps & Steezeways)

This is one of Johannesburg's’ premier spots and is walk able (approximately 300 meters long). Based in Linksfield, with one of the best 360 degree views of the city, this spot is best suited for free riding.

Steepways has hosted a few outlaw events and has always been the unofficial pre-King of the Fort skate. It is renowned around South Africa as being one of the best free-ride spots. This is because of its steep gradient, ribbon like bends and extremely icy tar (which suits sliding). With six bends (3 left and 3 right), it is an all round test of your ability.

Steepways is located on an open road and is therefore extremely dangerous. It is advised for all skaters to obey the rules of the road, staying in your lane when you can and having spotters. Most of the corners are blind. And because the road is so narrow and has so many bends, cars do sometimes come into the oncoming lane. To best deal with these situations, you will need to be able to shut down your speed on both your heel-side and toe-side.

This hill has the ability to really improve your skills or it can throw you off a mountain. Either thought is thrilling.

General Rules:
Use the ‘beware of skaters’ sign located at the guard hut at the bottom of the hill.
Stay in your lane when possible.
Be kind to the cars. Skaters have always had a good reputation on the hill and we are hoping for it to stay that way.
Do NOT park in front of ‘1 Steepways Lane’ at the top of the hill.

There are very cool views on offer at Steepways. So it is an ideal spot to bring a date or your family to sit and enjoy a day. If you have energy and a sense of adventure, a small hike up to the peak of the hill offers a 360 degree view of Johannesburg.
This hill is extremely steep and has been known to do damage to all sorts of body parts, especially ankles. It would be wise to bring all protective gear.
Police and the local 24/7 security company regularly do patrols on the road. You can greet them and tell them you are there for skating. Do NOT skitch rides without permission. As the owner of the 24/7 security company lives on the hill and it could jeopardize jobs.

Surface - 8/10. The tar is in very good condition. With the exception of oats in between the ’S’ bends and at the bottom of the hill.

Speed - 7/10. The top speed on the hill is very tame, but the acceleration is what makes the hill seem quite intense.

Traffic - 5/10. This is an open road. Luckily, it is a road that not many people take. Some people park at the big left hair pin to see the view but quite rarely. So beware of cars, try stay in your lane when possible and have spotters where possible.

Corners - 9/10. This hill comes with 3 high acceleration/steep hair pins and a very fun ’S’ bend section. Because this hill has 3 right turns and 3 left, it is close to perfection. Perhaps lacking in some speed.