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21 September , 2015, 14:04:46 PM
Fort Schanskop at the Voortrekker Monument (VTM), Pretoria (off Eeufees Road).

This is the venue for King of the Fort, a downhill skateboarding event that has been hosted annually since 2010.

There are particular rules that we have to follow when we skate this spot. If we break any of them we risk being denied permission to skate there at all and we could lose King of the Fort too.

Firstly, we can only skate there when permission is granted and there are no other events on at the VTM. This is very important and if you skate there outside of an organised session you risk blowing the spot completely. Don't ruin it, we've managed to keep a good relationship with the people at the VTM for many year. Currently I am the contact that gets the permission from the VTM. If you're interested in getting the permission yourself, come to some of the organised sessions to see how things are done. Then I'll let the people at the VTM know that you can handle the responsibility of organising your own sessions.

If you want to go skate this spot on your own, that isn't an option because we are required to have a marshal at the bottom of the hill to stop traffic while we skate down. It sounds simple but in the six years that I have been skating this spot I have witnessed people get it wrong a few times and it often ends in a near miss that could have been serious.

General rules:
1. No skating until there is a marshal in place at the bottom of the hill.
2. When it's time to go down the hill, don't wait around at the top, go within a few seconds and leave with the group or wait until the next run. This is to minimize the time that the marshal has to wait at the bottom of the hill and also to keep the road closed to traffic for the shortest time possible to not irritate other visitors to the VTM.
3. When you reach the bottom of the hill, do not go straight across the stop street. You must either turn left or stop before the final corner.
4. This is obvious but you may not skate without at least a helmet and gloves. Some sort of eye protection is highly recommended if you plan on bombing behind others.

- When you arrive at the gates to the Voortrekker Monument you will have to pay an entry fee (if you don't have a membership).
- Don't mention that you are their to skateboard because the people at the gate aren't usually aware that we have permission.

Surface: 6/10. The surface is quite rough with some big cracks. Nothing that will throw you off your board. Wear a visor to keep stones and dust out of your eyes.
Speed: 6/10. 60km/h max. It sounds slow but through the first corner it's pretty fast. Especially when you have 5 other skaters close by. The lower speed gives you the confidence to get really close and make for some fun drafting.
Traffic: 9/10. 10/10 would be a skate park, this is the next best thing with marshals. But don't ever put your life in the hands of the marshal. Everyone makes mistakes and they won't pay your hospital bills.
Corners: 7/10. A fast left hander at the top that is just tight enough to make you break tuck. Sweeping S-bends in the middle section that you can tuck through if you have the stamina. And the true tester: the chicane, a 90 degree right that you can rail followed directly by a 90 degree left where you will lose grip and fight to stay on the road.

Other stats:
Length: 1.7km
Time from top to bottom: Record is about 2:10. Closer to 3min for most.
Drop in Altitude: TBC