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03 December , 2015, 17:53:46 PM
Spot Guide: Bones

Spot Overview:

Bones is located in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. The two roads which make up the entire run are Stapelia and Glastonbury Road. The run starts at the top of Glastonbury, with a slow, straight section and then begins to become more steep as the road kinks to the left. As the road steepens,  it begins to kink to the right and you come to a T-Junction, which creates the first right hand corner. The Road then drops down into a fairly fast straight before the final left hand hairpin. The run finishes of with a straight and then levels out.

Difficulty level:

Bones is perfect for beginners because of the slow straight section at the bottom, but can also be great for fast freeride. Speeds coming into the bottom left can exceed 50km/h if you do not slide or air break.


Bones is located in a fairly quiet suburban area, it is however still an open road and there are the occasional cars going up and down. The first corner is completely blind, but it is possible to stand on the edge of the hill and see if there are any cars at the bottom of the hill that are going to drive up. The final left is completely safe, as you can see all the way around and down the straight.

Can I skate at night?
Unfortunately, no. Although there are street lights, the area is not the safest, especially at night. I would not recommend skating after sunset, unless you are in a group of more than 4 people. There are a few abandoned houses which have been occupied by squatters, so better safe than sorry.

Can I Skate alone?

Yes, just be safe and don't take any chances with cars. If you don't have someone to spot the right, then stay in your lane and be aware of cars which may be turning right at the T junction to go up the hill. Think for drivers, as well as yourself and always expect cars to turn in front of you so that you are prepared for the worst case scenario.


Surface: 8/10. The surface is very smooth and consistent. There may be some sticks etc. on the road so bring a broom.
Speed: 6/10. 60km/h max. It sounds slow but down the straight and into the second corner can get pretty fast. 
Traffic: 6/10. Although there are very few cars, this is still an open road with a blind corner.
Corners: 6/10. It is possible to rail the first corner, but this can get boring, the bottom right is where all of the action, because of  the speeds that are possible coming into it.
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