Author Topic: review of seismic landslides (83a blue)  (Read 6786 times)

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26 June , 2013, 20:36:58 PM
Sup guys. Just thought I'd do a review on my landslides.

To start off, their slide is the loudest thing I've ever heard. You can almost compare it to insanely loud dubstep. Despite that they have a really smooth slide with surprisingly easy initiation. Somehow they have a very smooth slide but are still really icy. Considering how wide they are for a freeride wheel, they have almost no grip. Carving was even scary for me. Also they wear really fast for an 83a wheel (that's in my experience at least) and I managed to get some great flatspots. They aren't the fastest of wheels but of all the wheels I've owned, they have been my favourite for sliding (they leave HUUUGE lines).

I hope this review helped anyone who was considering buying them. I would recommend them for anyone learning to slide. They definitely helped me a lot.


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