Author Topic: 44 vs 50 degree base plates?  (Read 6316 times)

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31 March , 2015, 19:55:09 PM
Hi guys and gals,
I am fully aware of all the technical skate - nerd reasons that so easily gets regurgitated by those in the know and those in the dark alike as to when and why to choose which degree baseplate.....but my question is this; is there a stark difference in feeling between the two degrees or is it a more subtle sort of difference? I am riding 50s and since I'm new to this addiction I would like to hear from someone who has ridden both and can comment on the real felt difference.  Not just the theoretical difference you read on some site.


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21 May , 2015, 08:18:59 AM
Hi Damian

I think I've answered this for you but just for everyone to see I'll put my opinion down here:
I think most people are aware that the higher the base plate angle is, the more the truck would turn for the same amount of lean. So if you had two identical boards with only the base plates being different, the one with 50 degree base plates would turn a lot more than the on with 44 degree base plates if you leaned the same amount on both. This basically translates to more stability for the lower angle and more responsiveness for the higher angle. That is why you would generally choose a lower angle for high speed racing and a higher angle for freeriding. But it's all down to personal preference and you need to figure out what works for you. There are other factors that affect a trucks performance too such as the amount of rake in the hanger, the width of the hanger and your bushing set-up. Changing the bushings is probably the easiest way to change the feel of your trucks.

I hope this helps! If you have more questions please ask away, I will try to answer. Or better yet, if you have your own opinion, let's hear it.


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