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Post by: Nats on 10 July , 2012, 02:52:12 AM


[/size][/color]I'm goin to Capetown in October, gonna spend a month there studying and i'm thinkin abt takin my longboard w me so.. As i'm gonna be new in town, i'm afraid to get lost or anything else. hahahaha[/font]
[/size][/color]I was wonderin if anyone here could help me to, i don't know, maybe take me to see new places, introduce me to ur friends so we can all have some fun longboardin. Don't know. x:[/font]

I'm gona stay at the seapoint, near to the beach. SO if anyone near wants to longboard together, I'd be ver happy hahaha

[/size][/color]OK, cheers, bye! [/font]

Post by: Milolicious on 23 July , 2012, 20:41:30 PM


If you are going to be in CT for a bit check out this page on FB[size=78%] [/size][size=78%]https://www.facebook.com/groups/160858197298172/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/160858197298172/)[/size]

Also, if you are in Seapoint this is a fun hill to practice on during lunch breaks.  Google maps these coordinates -33.924987,18.377616.

Feel free to drop a line when you get here if you do bring your board, there is a cool group of people skating.

One love
Post by: Nats on 24 July , 2012, 02:27:40 AM
THANKS! I'm gonna join the group! :D