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18 March , 2015, 13:49:41 PM
Hi All,

First off im shad and im from CT.. (Sounds like a AA line  :P ) anyway I came to seek advise on long board purchases.

I would like to get a decent entry level long board for general cruising and riding along for both some outdoor fun and some fitness. At the moment i am not interested in any tricks or downhill racing more the fun factor.

Can you recommend any good brands, board criteria and things to look out for to a newbie? I don't want to break the bank on a complete board but don't want to waste on complete rubbish...

So criteria:

1. Cheap
2. Decent soft wheels for more comfort than speed
3. Bearing that roles well, don't want to kick all day long some nice rolling/cruising would be great


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19 March , 2015, 10:08:03 AM
Hey dude,

the best thing you can do is check out, those guys are super helpful and understand the costing,

if you want something for comfort you should go for bigger wheels, if you dont want to be pushing every half a meter i suggest getting good bearings so like abec 11s or such and a lighter board, if your mates have boards i suggest trying them for a bit to get a feel for what you like. i hope that helps bro


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