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Title: New to the future
Post by: ludolph88 on 03 April , 2014, 11:49:02 AM
wazzup, name is Ludolph and im new to the downhill/sliding scene in Pretoria.

i busted my knee a few years back and had to unfortunately call it quits with the aggressive street skating.

now, longboarding has tickled my fancy. and im hooked.

first up, the board! im obviously looking at a few "cheaper options" and i keep going back to the sweet deals - Lush Shocker on the site.

id like to do everything from sliding to speed. any reviews/comments on that board?

shot for the cool site.

Lush Shocker.

Length 36.5" / 93cm[/size]Width 10.14" / 26.4cmWheelbase 28.3" / 72cm, 27.9" / 71cm, 27.5" / 70cmNose 1.63" / 4.1cmTail 1.58" / 4cm (shortest)Construction 9PLY 100% CANADIAN MAPLE WITH 4XProfile flatConcave deep with sharp race railsMax Weight 20 ST / 127KG / 280LBSFlex Ultra stiff and responsive