Author Topic: 2 Newbies in Centurion  (Read 4308 times)

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13 March , 2019, 15:28:05 PM
Hi all,

Donovan here. I'm an ex-bodyboarder and have been looking for something to fill the void and I have to say I am not a golfer. Always been interested in Longboarding and bought 2 boards and safety gear to go with it. Why 2 of each? I am lucky enough to have a fiance that has started with me and she loves it and we've been at it for the last month now. I've taken on a hill or 2 and have the road rash to show for it. Still need to learn to slide properly. She will most probably do more cruising and me both. So if you know of any spots perfect for cruising please let me know.

I was worried thta we were to old to start now as we are both in our mid 30's. But dont care anymore the bug has bit me hard.

I'm looking at roads and downhills like I did looking at waves when living at the coast.



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