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28 August , 2012, 14:06:33 PM
hi, i am looking to buy my first longboard and need some help on a few things..
I can ride but am not at a level where i can slide/ bomb anything hectic.. I want to use my board mainly to get to and from varsity but then also be able to go and get better and doing some bombing etc..
I've looked around and was interested in the Sector 9 Puerto Rico and i like the shape and size of the 40" sector 9 bob marley soul rebel, but not keen on the bob graphics..
I am definitely looking for that same 'fish' shape semi-pintail look..
any suggestions on what other brands i should be looking at or what?
I am looking to spend +- R1500 - R2000 max

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29 August , 2012, 14:51:37 PM
hi chris. have a look at the complete boards we have on the site here,
Look at the Lush Accelerator, Shocker and Stallion. I know those aren't exactly the "pintail" shape boards that you were looking at, but they are perfect as entry level boards and also suit your price range.

If you'd rather put a board together, then look at Lush Generator deck, which almost has that "pintail" shape,

Keep in mind though, a board designed for commuting and a board designed for bombing and sliding are substantially different. The difference comes in where the one will have a bit more flex, whereas the other will be more stiff, hence my first suggestions. They are all stiff, but can still double as a commuting/carving/cruising boards. I would consider the Accelerator if I was you.
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