Author Topic: Questions about wheels and risers for a mini cruiser  (Read 10519 times)

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10 December , 2012, 21:08:58 PM
Hey, I was recently going to get a Penny skateboard, just to cruise around on, but to cut a long story short, I ended up deciding on a much cheaper version of the Penny, and I am buying new wheels, bearings and trucks for that deck, and it still only costs half the price of the penny!
Anyway, first of all, if you dont know the Penny is tiny, 22 inches long 6 inches wide, about 10 cm from the ground to the deck. The wheels that come with the board Im getting are 60mm. At first I thought I was limited to wheels this size and found these wheels that I am still considering:

and some others similar to that. I didnt dare to go bigger than 63mm for fear of getting wheelbite. I fear even 63 may be too big.  Then, I heard of risers.

I only want these wheels for cruising and carving , mostly on flat land but sometimes on small hills. They needed to be nice and fast, smooth (my roads are a little better than decent, so its not asking much) and give a really nice cruise and carve. After lots of research this is what i have concluded. The bigger the better. The bigger the faster. The bigger the smoother. And so , I know have been looking at bigger cruiser wheels, such as the 66mm version of the Seismic Hot Spots and others. Are these good wheels?

On a penny sized board, if I wanted to get wheels around 65mm-70mm what size risers would I need? And does anybody know what the penny looks like with huge wheels on 'em?
Also, have you got any suggestions as to other fast, smooth, carving wheels? Purely for cruising and carving.and transportation , no slides or tricks on this board.

So basically these are my questions:
Will I get wheelbite from 63mm wheels , if so what size risers do i need to not get wheelbite?
What size risers would I need in order to fit 66mm wheels on a penny?
Are 66mm Seismic Hot Spots good wheels for my situation?
Are those other wheels I gave you links to good and fast?
Any suggestions for other wheels (small or big) but please mention what size risers I would need for those wheels


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